Transfer credit for military education and training can help you seamlessly get on a fast path to a degree at University of Maryland Global Campus, bringing your graduation closer than ever. If you are an active-duty military servicemember or military veteran, explore the many ways you can earn credit for your military service.

Credit for Military Education

If you've studied at military service schools, you might be able to transfer credit toward a degree at UMGC, saving you time and money.

We partner with several military colleges to grant credit toward associate, bachelor's, and master's degrees as well as certificates, based on recommendations by the American Council on Education Guide to the Evaluation of Education Experiences in the Armed Services. Learn more about credit for military education and submitting your military transcripts and other documentation.

Credit for Military Experience Through Prior Learning

UMGC will review your military transcripts for experience to determine transfer credit based on recommendations from the American Council on Education. Other options for earning credit for experience include Prior Learning Portfolio, Course Challenge, or Workplace Learning, depending on your program of study.


Through Portfolio, you can receive as many as 30 credits for your military experience by identifying and documenting the college-level learning you gained from that experience.

You enroll in a 3-credit course and create a portfolio describing and documenting your learning experiences. Your portfolio is then evaluated by faculty members, who determine the amount of credit you can be awarded. If you later want to target more courses, you can enroll in a noncredit course to continue working on your portfolio. Depending on the number of credits you receive, you can save a great deal on your program because credit awarded through Portfolio assessment are evaluated for a fee that is much lower than the cost of tuition.

Course Challenge

Your military experience may have given you the education and information you need to receive credit for a UMGC class without even taking it. Through Course Challenge, you can earn credit for a wide range of undergraduate courses at UMGC simply by passing the equivalent of a final exam for the course.

Workplace Learning

You can also earn credit for taking on a new project or learning a new skill in the service or on the job. To participate in the program, you'll enter a learning agreement with the military or your employer and a faculty mentor. You'll submit academic assignments about your Workplace Learning experience and earn up to 6 credits each semester for up to 15 credits total.

How to Apply for Prior Learning

Before you can participate in Prior Learning programs, you will need to apply and be accepted to UMGC. Once you are a student at UMGC, you can get more details about signing up for Prior Learning programs in the Current Students section.


Estimate Your Transfer Credits

You can earn UMGC credit for your previous coursework, standardized exams, and military education and training. Evaluate your previous experience with a transfer credit evaluation tool maintained by UMGC's transfer team.