As a military servicemember, veteran, spouse, or dependent child, you may be eligible for a wide range of payment options at University of Maryland Global Campus, including education benefits, financial aid, scholarships, and more. 

Tuition Assistance for Military Personnel

University of Maryland Global Campus offers reduced tuition rates, so military servicemembers and their spouses and eligible dependent children can earn a powerful UMGC degree at an even more affordable price. Learn more about military tuition rate eligibility. This reduced rate enables Tuition Assistance to cover up to 100 percent of tuition. Learn more about using TA to pay for your education.

When you transfer from using active-duty Tuition Assistance to veterans benefits, it can be difficult, but UMGC advisors are helpful. They walk you through it and make it simple.

Jerina Leach

Active-Duty Servicemember, Automated Logistic Specialist, Army

Criminal Justice Bachelor's Degree

Military Spouses

UMGC also has a reduced tuition rate for military spouses. The Department of Defense offers an assistance program for selected military spouses called Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts, better known as MyCAA. Learn more about MyCAA.

Dependent Children

UMGC also has a reduced tuition rate for eligible dependent children of servicemembers. Learn how to apply for reduced tuition as a dependent.

Financial Options for Veterans, Spouses, and Dependent Children

You may be able to use your veterans educational benefits to help pay for your education at UMGC if you are not receiving Tuition Assistance or if your TA does not pay the full cost of your tuition. Additionally, UMGC offers a wide range of scholarships—many specifically for military veterans—and financial aid options. Learn more about veterans benefits for education.