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How to Apply and Get Started - Video

Getting ready to apply to University of Maryland Global Campus, but confused about where to start? We made the admissions process as easy, fast and as user-friendly as possible.

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Getting ready to apply to University of Maryland Global Campus, but confused about where to start? We can help. 

At UMGC, we’ve been educating working adults for over 75 years. We know you have a lot going on with work and family obligations --so we made the application process as easy, fast and as user-friendly as possible.

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Matthew Munyan-Penney
UMGC Senior Director of Admissions

Hi there. My name is Matthew Munyan-Penney Senior Director of Admissions at UMGC.

When it comes to partnering with working adults to achieve their education dreams, we are experts.

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And our dedicated teams of advisors, tuition planners and success coaches are all available with personalized support to help you apply, and then navigate your entire education journey here.

At UMGC, you are more than just a number; and your success matters to us.

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So where do you begin?  There are Four Easy Steps:

So, let’s start with number one:

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Step 1: Submit your application

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Submit your application and request transcripts, from all the previous schools that you’ve attended. An admissions counselor will then contact you.

We accept new students year round so we are always ready.

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Step 2:
Work with Advisor

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Transfer: Up to 90 Credits for a Bachelor’s

Up to 12 Credits for a Master’s

Number two: Work with an advisor to get a preliminary estimate of your transfer credits in less than 48 hours after you have applied.

From there we’ll be able to assess how much money you will save, and your timeline to graduation.

Here at UMGC you can transfer up to 90 credits from past college classes, military training and other life experiences.

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Step 3:
Meet with Tuition Coordinator

Military portal and military students

Number Three: Meet with a tuition coordinator to identify the affordable methods of payment you are eligible for such as scholarships, tuition assistance, and financial aid.

Military-affiliated students – this is the time to learn about the cost of attending, and your eligibility for tuition assistance -- both specific to the military.

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Step 4:
Register for Classes

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Number Four: Once you have been accepted, it’s time to register for your classes.

If you are a servicemember, you must consult with your Educational Services Officer or Counselor before enrolling in classes.

Then finish orientation and onboarding through the student portal, and complete the “Roadmap to Success” course in the online classroom.

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After you have finished all four steps, you will receive a new student welcome call from your success coach, who will be your partner throughout your time with UMGC.

Congratulations – you are now ready to go!

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Sounds easy, right? Here is what a couple of recent graduates have to say about how truly simple applying and enrolling is at UMGC.

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Ilecia Williams-Cherry
UMGC Graduate

So, the application process I found to be very easy, very user-friendly. Everything that UMGC has ever forwarded to me or shared with me has always been something that has a support system linked to it.

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Alexander Elisate
UMGC Graduate

From the faculty to, you know, admissions to advising, financial aid, everything. You know, there was never a point where I felt like I was lost and I couldn't do anything. You could always call somebody. There's always somebody there to help you.

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Oluwatobiloba Ojo
UMGC Graduate

Just transitioning to UMGC has just been swift, awesome, just a seamless process.

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UMGC is the #1 public university for transfer students

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So what’s holding you back? Now is the time for you to succeed again. Apply now. And remember, you belong at UMGC. 

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