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How to Pay for College at UMGC

Explore the many ways University of Maryland Global Campus can make your education journey more affordable with our dedicated tuition planning department. Learn how UMGC can help you save!



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“How To Pay For College at UMGC”

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Voiceover: University of Maryland Global Campus offers plenty of ways to make your education affordable, AND a tuition planning department to assist you.

Hello, I’m Eric Pulley and I’m here to tell you about the personalized financial support you can find at UMGC.

Voiceover: We want you to focus on accomplishing your academic goals. Our tuition coordinators will evaluate your need, identify all financial resources available, and then develop a customized, affordable payment plan; just for you.

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Voiceover: UMGC helps you plan the best way to fund your education. There are different forms of financial assistance ranging from 100’s of scholarships to funding based on your employment or military service--- to financial aid for those who qualify.


On Camera: Tanner Pierceall (UMGC Class of 2020)

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On Camera: Bernetta Reese (UMGC Class of 2021)

In addition, we offer interest-free monthly payments plans for balances that may not be covered.

Tanner Pierceall:

I was able to use military tuition assistance while I was in the Marine Corps. When I got out, I used the post-9/11 GI bill, which was a very easy process. Having UMGC being understanding of that...was very helpful.

Voiceover: Everyone has a unique situation so there is not one tuition plan, there are many.

Bernetta Reese:

For a long time, I didn't want to say anything about my level of education in the workplace. I got the nerve one day and I went to my employer, and I asked for their support and surprisingly they gave me their support and paid for some classes, and I was able to align that directly with my career.

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Voiceover: Other ways we help you save include:

  • virtual course materials for almost every stateside class, and
  • credit for what you learned with transfer credits.

Voiceover: We accept credits from colleges, military training, technical courses, industry certifications, and from passing proficiency exams. We look at your entire lifetime of learning – traditional and non-traditional – not just transcripts – to award credits. It can reduce cost and your timeline to graduate.

On Camera: Jim Aultmon (UMGC Class of 2019)

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On Camera: Eric Pulley

Jim Aultmon:

Approximately 43 credits were transferred from my military service and life experiences, so it made it a lot less stressful for me.

Voiceover: And if you need some guidance understanding federal or state forms, please give us a call.


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Voiceover: Our UMGC website features a time and tuition estimator, too. Just enter information and you’ll learn how much your education may cost and how long it could take you to reach your goal.

Voiceover: Knowing the cost of college from the start helps take the stress off you.

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Voiceover: Our tuition planning team is here for your entire academic journey. We want you to succeed and graduate. If anything should change along the way financially, just get back in touch with us. We are here for you.

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