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75th Anniversary Profile: Vernon Herron

Theresa Schempp
By Theresa Schempp

For University of Maryland Global Campus’ 75th anniversary, we spoke with alumnus Vernon Herron about some of his favorite experiences and where he hopes to see the university in years to come. Herron earned his bachelor's in criminal justice in 2000 and now works as the director of officer safety and wellness for the Baltimore City Police Department. He has more than 35 years of experience in public safety and law enforcement, and his current position promotes both physical and mental health through training, seminars, wellness initiatives, and crisis support. Prior to joining the Baltimore City Police Department, Herron served more than 27 years in the Maryland State Police. He also served as the deputy chief administrative officer for public safety and director of homeland security in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

When you were applying to school, what made UMGC standout (why did you select UMGC)?

Working full time rotating shifts, I was looking for a university that could give me the flexibility to earn my degree on my own schedule.

What was your favorite part about studying at UMGC?

Adult based learning and professional instructors were my favorite parts about being a student at UMGC.

How has your UMGC degree(s) or certificate(s) helped you today?

UMGC helped me to take that next step in my education by pursuing my master’s degree.

Is there a quote that you feel best represents your time at UMGC or a quote you heard at UMGC that meant something to you?

“If you are dedicated to your academic goals, UMGC is dedicated to helping you reach them.”

What one piece of advice would you want to share with UMGC students as they pursue their educational goals?

Going back to pursue your degree is more rewarding today than it was yesterday. The maturity you bring to your academic pursuits will be more rewarding than you could ever imagine.

UMGC recently introduced its new mission “Inspire hope, empower dreams, and transform lives ... one student at a time.” – What does this mean to you?

It may be a new mission but that’s how I felt about the mission of UMGC from the beginning.

UMGC is celebrating 75 years of excellence in education – what does that history mean to you? Why is it important?

The legacy of not only UMGC but the legacy they help create by those who’ve passed through UMGC doors.

Where do you hope to see UMGC in the next 75 years?

Setting a new paradigm for the future of adult education.