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Policy 120.10

Academic Advising

Originator: Senior Vice President, Partnerships and Strategic Alliances

Subject: Academic Advising

  1. Introduction
    1. UMGC has developed academic advising services in accordance with the Board of Regents Policy III-2.50 Policy on Academic Advising, approved on June 21, 1990. UMGC recognizes that adult learners have unique needs for academic advising. The policy of UMGC is to provide comprehensive advising services at times and locations convenient for adult students with the purpose of creating a world-class student experience. Generally, these services are provided on an individual basis and are conducted by professional advising staff and/or faculty. In order to accommodate UMGC's students who are geographically dispersed, advising services are rendered by phone, email, chat sessions, and/or in face-to-face format. Supplemental advising services and information may be found on UMGC websites and in UMGC written publications. Students are responsible for reading information provided by UMGC.
    2. A majority of UMGC's students are served by advisors in the Office of Enrollment Management located at the Academic Center in Largo, Maryland. UMGC also offers advising services (as part of the Offices of Community Relations and Military Operations) at several civilian and military locations throughout Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia The UMGC-Europe Student Affairs staff serve students for courses originating from UMGC-Europe. The UMGC-Asia Student Affairs staff serve students for courses originating from UMGC-Asia. All UMGC staff are tasked with creating a student-first environment when offering advising services.
    3. Completion of official transfer credit evaluations and clearance for degree completion is traditionally conducted by the Office of Student Affairs at UMGC.
    4. Academic advising is not mandatory; rather, it is available and recommended for every student.
  2. Academic Advising

    All UMGC staff described in Section I.B. above

    1. Maintain communication to aid students in curriculum planning, course selection, and academic support;
    2. provide a basic orientation to all UMGC student services, performing administrative functions on behalf of the student, as requested, in accordance with UMGC policy; making referrals, and serving as a liaison for the student, to individual departments as necessary
    3. provide unofficial and/or the official transfer-credit evaluations of coursework, in accordance with Policy 120.10 Section I.C., required for graduation for undergraduate students and provide the official transfer-credit evaluations of coursework in accordance with Policy 120.10 Section I.C., required for graduation for graduate students.
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