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Procedures P-VII-6.10-GC

Procedures for UMGC Policy on Work Schedules

(Approved by UMGC President on July 1, 2017)

  1. Schedule Requirements

    Approved changes to an employee's established workweek or work schedule shall be communicated to the employee at least two weeks in advance of the required schedule change as practicable.

  2. Overseas
    1. All eligible Overseas employees as defined in the applicable policy shall be at work during "core" office hours, as defined by the Department Head or Unit Head, at the location they are assigned to work.
    2. Work Breaks:
      1. Lunch Breaks: Each employee is encouraged to take one hour for lunch during the period between 1130 and 1400 if their shift schedule is equal to eight (8) hours or more. Individual lunch schedules should be arranged so that all offices are staffed throughout the lunch period.
      2. Other Breaks: Breaks are intended to let staff take a rest from their work. Employees, if they choose, are free to take a break. Employees may take one 15-minute break in the morning and one 15-minute break in the afternoon if their shift schedule is equal to eight (8) hours or more. Employees have the obligation not to use break time excessively or inappropriately. The following break rules apply:
        1. Breaks are not to be taken soon after the start of the work day or just before closing time.
        2. Breaks cannot be used to shorten the workday.
        3. Breaks cannot be combined.
        4. Breaks cannot be added to the lunch hour.
        5. Breaks can be taken only at the approved time.
        6. Breaks should be taken when there is another available employee to cover the office. If there is one employee at the assigned location they may take breaks with approval from their Department or Unit Head.