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Procedures P-VII-9.12-GC

Procedures for UMGC Policy on the Global Online Rewards and Recognition Program

(Approved by UMGC President on October 12, 2017; Updated June 11, 2021)


The purpose of the Global Online Rewards and Recognition Program (Program) is to recognize and award employees with monetary and/or nonmonetary recognition for work and behaviors that reinforce and are aligned with UMGC’s mission and core values in support of our business strategy.

UMGC is providing a real-time Online Global Rewards and Recognition Program that will include, but is not limited to, the following:

A.  UMGC Service Milestone;

B.  Manager-to-employee recognition;

C.  Recognition for individuals as well as teams; and

D.  Peer-to-peer recognition across departments.


Employees eligible to receive Points Recognition and eThanks Recognition through this Program, excluding UMGC Service Milestones, include Exempt, Nonexempt, and Overseas Staff Employees on Regular, Contingent II, and Contingent III status, 12-month Collegiate, and Collegiate Traveling Faculty. Employees in  Senior Management positions are ineligible for Points Recognition.

Eligible recipients of UMGC Service Milestones through this Program include all Exempt, Nonexempt, and Overseas Staff Employees on Regular, Contingent II, and Contingent III status; and 12-month Collegiate, Collegiate Traveling, and Adjunct Faculty.

Employees in Senior Management positions are eligible for UMGC Service Milestones.


A.  Black-Out Period – October through December of any given calendar year during which Taxable Recognition Awards cannot be awarded.

B.  eThanks Recognition – Nonmonetary acknowledgment of appreciation for employee achievement.

C.  Non-Taxable Recognition Awards – eThanks Recognition and UMGC Service Milestones awards not subject to taxation.

D.  Points Recognition – Points which hold market value that are awarded and can be redeemed for reward items from a Program vendor catalog. Points awarded do not expire and can be accumulated. The points awarded are not redeemable for cash.

E.  Senior Management Positions – Employees in the following positions:

1.  President, Provost, Chief of Staff, Senior Vice President, Vice President/Vice Provost;

2.  Associate Vice President/Associate Vice Provost, Assistant Vice President/Assistant Vice Provost, Comptroller; and

3.  Academic Dean, Vice Dean, and Associate Dean.

F.  Taxable Recognition Awards – Points Recognition award, excluding UMGC Service Milestones, which are subject to taxation.

G.  UMGC Service Milestones – Points Recognition awarded to an eligible employee in appreciation of his/her aggregate years of employment at UMGC, excluding any breaks in employment, at five (5)-year intervals of eligible employment.


A.  UMGC Service Milestones

1.  Years of service for the purpose of UMGC Service Milestones are calculated based on the employee’s years of service with UMGC, or, aggregate years of employment with UMGC, for purposes of this Program.

2.  Calculations of years of service as defined in these Procedures applies only to this Program and does not impact the calculation of USM, UMGC, or State service as defined in Policy VII-9.61-GC – UMGC Policy on Reemployment and Reinstatement.

3.  For each UMGC Service Milestone, employees will be awarded Points Recognition with a corresponding reward value amount.

4.  For Stateside and Overseas Staff, Collegiate, Collegiate Traveling Faculty, and Adjunct Milestones, points are awarded to eligible employees at every five (5)-year interval of eligible service.

B.  Recognition Awards

Points and eThanks Recognition, excluding the UMGC Service Milestones, shall be awarded to employees based upon job achievement in accordance with UMGC Core Values. For details regarding UMGC Core Values, please see UMGC’s Engage site, UMGC’s Mission and Core


A.  eThanks Recognition

eThanks Recognition can be awarded across the organization by any employee to any other employee.

B.  Points Recognition

1.  Employees who are eligible to receive Points Recognition can nominate an eligible employee for Points Recognition, excluding UMGC Service Milestones.

2.  Any nomination for Points Recognition must be based on clear demonstration of UMGC Core Value(s) and in accordance with the recognition levels as defined below:

Award Level & Recognition Points ValueDescription
eThanks 0 PointsFor performing at a level above and beyond in your daily work responsibilities and producing work with outstanding quality or by providing exemplary customer service, while having a positive impact on your role/job and/or team.
Bronze 600 PointsFor displaying a positive attitude while achieving goals beyond the daily tasks; having a positive impact; and contributing to the overall success of a team, division, and/or department.
Silver 1,200 PointsFor going the extra mile to improve work-flow processes and demonstrating dedication to projects, creativity, and quality of work and for overcoming challenges and leading efforts and initiatives that positively affect the team or entire department.
Gold 2,500 PointsFor showing determination and achieving significant results in implementing and attaining success on a short-term project or initiative that provided a cost savings or greater efficiencies or otherwise contributed to a positive outcome and for having a strategic impact across one or more functions.
Platinum 5,000 PointsFor producing outstanding results and implementing a long-term project or initiative that provided a moderate-to-major cost savings and had a positive impact to the results of the organization; exceeding performance expectations and continuously displaying a positive attitude; and having a long-term strategic impact across the organization globally, overcoming challenges, and leading successful organizational outcomes.


3.  Employees have the option to redeem awarded Points Recognition for a reward that requires more points than they have available by using their personal credit card to “top off” the amount (i.e., pay the difference between the reward value and the market value of the available Points Recognition awarded).

C.  Point Recognition Approvals

1.  Nominators must clearly describe the specific reason(s) for nominating for a Point Recognition award based on the Program criteria. Nominations will be approved, modified, or disapproved by the recipient’s manager or department head.

2.  Approvals will be based on clear demonstration of the Program criteria.

3.  The Office of Human Resources will oversee the recognition and/or award process to ensure fair and appropriate administration of the Program, and reserves the right to approve, modify, and/or reject any award consistent with these guidelines.

D.  Incentive Compensation

Points Recognition shall be awarded in accordance with UMGC Policy

210.13 – Recruitment and Enrollment. UMGC prohibits Points Recognition or eThanks Recognition based in any part upon an employee’s success in securing enrollments or awarding financial aid to any persons or entities engaged in student recruiting, admission activities, and/or decision-making regarding the award of Title IV Higher Education Act program funds.

E.  Point Recognition Award and Redemption during Black-Out Period

1.  Due to taxation requirements, Taxable Recognition Awards may not be awarded during the Black-Out Period. Non-Taxable Recognition Awards may be awarded during the Black-Out Period.

2.  Any accrued Recognition Points awarded as Taxable or Non- Taxable Recognition Awards may be redeemed during the Black- Out Period.


A.  Employees must be taxed on the market value of the Points Recognition awarded, with the exception of UMGC Service Milestones.

B.  Taxation will occur within two (2) pay periods of when the Points Recognition are awarded and may not be spread over multiple pay periods or deferred to later pay periods.

C.  If an employee is awarded Points Recognition and separates from the University before the Points Recognition award taxation process is complete, the Points Recognition will be withdrawn.