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Procedures P-VII-7.45-GC

Procedures for UMGC Policy on Sick Leave

  1. Sick Leave Notice Requirements

    Requests for use of sick leave must be made to the employee's designated supervisor or manager.

  2. Advanced and Extended Sick Leave

    Upon exhaustion of all other types of accrued leave, eligible employees may apply for Advanced or Extended Sick leave.

    1. To apply, the employee must contact the UMGC Benefits Leave Administrator who will confirm eligibility, review the employee's leave balance, explain the process, and provide the related request form.

    2. The employee completes the appropriate form and submits it to the UMGC Benefits Leave Administrator who obtains final review and signatures from the CHRO or designee, and if approved, notifies Payroll.

    3. Confirmation of approval or denial is sent to the employee and his/her supervisor by the UMGC Benefits Leave Administrator.