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Policy VII-4.62-GC

UMGC Policy on On-Call and Call-Back for Nonexempt Staff Employees

(Approved by USM BOR on April 21, 2017; UMGC President on July 1, 2017)

  1. Purpose and Applicability

    This policy establishes the terms and conditions under which University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) shall administer On-Call and Call-Back duty. On-Call and Call-Back duty only applies to Nonexempt Staff employees on Regular Status who may be required to report to work outside their normally scheduled hours. Nonexempt Staff employees who are included in the representation of the collective bargaining unit are subject to the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and applicable UMGC HR Policies; where there is a conflict between the two, the MOU will prevail.

  2. Definitions

    1. On-Call: Nonexempt Staff employees are considered to be On-Call when required to be available to report to work outside the normally scheduled hours for emergencies or other unusual circumstances and shall receive additional compensation during the hours in which the employee is On-Call.

    2. Call-Back: A Nonexempt Staff employee is considered to be Called-Back when required to return to work after regularly scheduled hours or asked to report to work on an off-duty day for emergencies or other unusual circumstances and shall receive additional compensation during the hours in which the employee is Called-Back.

    3. Essential Employee: A Nonexempt Staff employee who has been designated as vital to the operation of the facility; whose presence is required regardless of the existence of an emergency condition; and whose absence from duty could endanger the safety and well-being of UMGC's population (e.g. snow removal employees or food service staff).

  3. Administration

    1. On-Call Duty

      1. Employees assigned to On-Call duty are required to be available if it is necessary for them to return to work.

      2. An employee assigned to On-Call duty shall follow the applicable procedures if the employee is not available or cannot be reached during the On-Call period.

      3. Designated employees shall normally be assigned to be On-Call for a period of not more than seven consecutive calendar days (including holidays). On-Call status may extend to the maximum of 24 hours for each day, as determined by each department manager.

      4. Employees shall be notified in advance of their assignment to On-Call status.

      5. Essential employees are not automatically assigned to On-Call status.

      6. On-Call status assignments will be allocated by each department manager on a rotating basis among those employees eligible for such assignments.

      7. Compensation for On-Call Duty

        1. Employees shall receive an increase in the hourly rate of pay according to the rates established by the President or designee ("On-Call Pay") for each day that the employee is assigned to be On-Call.

        2. On-Call rates are published in the applicable procedures for the general information of all employees. If an employee is assigned to On-Call status and is called to work, the employee shall be paid according to the On-Call rate in addition to any pay due for hours worked. On-Call Pay shall be included in the base pay for purposes of computation of overtime pay.

        3. An otherwise eligible employee shall not receive On-Call Pay if the performance of the duties is an extension of the employee's regular workday or workweek.

    2. Call-Back Duty

      1. Employees who are required to return to work on a regularly scheduled on-duty day after going off-duty or are required to work on a regularly scheduled off-duty day are eligible for Call-Back compensation. This applies to employees who are Called-Back to work whether or not such employees are in On-Call status.

      2. Employees Called-Back to work will be compensated in accordance with the applicable procedures.

Implementation Procedures

The UMGC President has designated the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) to administer this policy; to develop procedures as necessary to implement this policy; to communicate this policy to the UMGC community; and to post the policy and any applicable procedures on the UMGC website.

Replacement for:

  • USM BOR VII-4.62: Policy on On-Call and Call-Back for Nonexempt Staff Employees