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Procedures P-VII-7.21-GC

Procedures for UMGC Policy on Jury Duty Time Off

  1. Documentation Requirements

    An Employee who is selected for Jury Duty shall provide documentation verifying attendance to the Employee's immediate supervisor upon request. A copy of the court documentation is necessary to approve Jury Duty Time Off.

  2. Record Keeping

    A copy of the documentation should be retained by the Employee's immediate supervisor for four (4) years from the last date the Employee served on Jury Duty for auditing purposes.

  3. Return to Work

    In the event that an Employee is notified that his/her services are not required for Jury Duty as scheduled, the Employee is expected to report to work for his/her regularly scheduled shift. If the Employee is dismissed from Jury Duty prior to the end of his/her regularly scheduled shift, the Employee must contact his/her immediate supervisor to confirm if it is necessary to return to work for the remainder of the shift.

  4. Time Keeping

    All Employees are required to submit a time off request in Workday. Employees must select Jury Duty as the type of Time Off being request to be paid for the time while they are out of the office for Jury Duty.