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Policy VII-1.00-GC

UMGC Policy on the Human Resources Management Program

(Approved by USM BOR on April 21, 2017; UMGC President on July 1, 2017)

  1. Purpose

    The purpose of this policy is to establish the fundamental elements and policies of a comprehensive Human Resources Management Program of University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC), as authorized by the University System of Maryland (USM) Board of Regents (BOR) on February 13, 2015 and Sections 12-110(a)(1) and 12-111(c) of the Education Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland and intended to achieve the following goals:

    1. The recognition that the employees of UMGC are among UMGC's most valuable assets;

    2. The recruitment, selection and retention of well-qualified employees, consistent with its commitment to Affirmative Action and Equal Employment; and

    3. The provision of effective and efficient Human Resources services that support the delivery of high quality education programs for UMGC and the State of Maryland.

  2. Applicability of UMGC Human Resources Policies

    1. UMGC Human Resources policies (UMGC HR Policies) replace and supersede all prior UMGC policies related to personnel and human resources. Effective July 1, 2017, UMGC and its employees are not subject to Section VII of USM Policies and Procedures, as authorized by the USM BOR on February 13, 2015, except USM BOR VII-5.00 – Policy on Performance Evaluation of the Chancellor and the Institution Presidents of the University System of Maryland, VII-5.01 – Board of Regents Policy on the Five-Year Review of USM Presidents, VII-5.10 – Policy on Associates of the Chancellor and Presidents, VII-9.00 – Policy on Vesting of Certain Rights Upon Implementation of Phase I Nonexempt of the USM Pay Program, and VII-9.01 – Policy on Vesting of Certain Rights Upon Implementation of Phase II Exempt of the USM Pay Program.

    2. UMGC HR Policies shall apply to all UMGC Regular Status employees, including Nonexempt, Exempt and Overseas Staff employees. UMGC HR Policies shall not apply to Faculty or Contingent Status employees unless specifically referenced.

    3. Nonexempt Staff employees who are included in the representation of the collective bargaining unit are subject to the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between UMGC and such bargaining unit and applicable UMGC HR Policies. To the extent that there is a conflict between the MOU and applicable UMGC HR Policies, the MOU shall prevail. The MOU may be modified by the terms of a collective  bargaining agreement signed by the President and ratified by the USM BOR under Title III of the State Personnel and Pensions Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland.

    4. All UMGC HR Policies shall apply to employees as specified in the particular policy, except to the extent that a policy provision may be superseded by a change in Federal or State law that creates an inconsistency between the policy and current legal requirements.

    5. UMGC reserves the right to amend the UMGC HR Policies at any time. Any substantive policy changes are subject to review and approval by the President and USM BOR. Non-substantive policy changes or changes mandated by law are subject to review and approval by the President.

  3. Scope and Authority

    1. General Authority
      On February 13, 2015, the USM BOR delegated to the President the authority to establish the UMGC Human Resources Management Program (the HR Program), in consultation with UMGC's Executive Committee.

    2. HR Policies and Procedures

      The UMGC HR Program shall be governed by UMGC HR Policies approved by the USM BOR.

      1. The UMGC HR Policies shall provide for an appropriate balance between institutional mission and UMGC responsibilities, consistent with Federal and state laws.

      2. UMGC may develop and adopt procedures to support implementation of the UMGC HR Policies and address human resources management and operational concerns.

      3. The UMGC HR Policies and any applicable procedures shall be made available on UMGC's website.

    3. Authority

      1. Under the general direction of the President or designee and consistent with UMGC HR Policies, the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) is assigned the authority to

        1. Administer all elements of UMGC's human resources function;

        2. Develop, revise, interpret and administer policies, procedures, rules, standards, and practices to ensure compliance at UMGC, including the authorization of appropriate exceptions where such authority has been delegated by the President or designee;

        3. Appoint or serve as the lead negotiator for UMGC collective bargaining;

        4. Administer applicable pay and compensation plans;

        5. Develop new and revised job class specifications, including job titles and job descriptions, in the Nonexempt, Exempt and Overseas Staff pay programs;

        6. Work in conjunction with USM and State agencies for State of Maryland retirement and health benefit programs for UMGC employees.

        7. Develop, implement and coordinate employee development and training programs;

        8. Carry out other human resources responsibilities and functions as directed by the President or designee;

        9. Delegate functions within the scope of the CHRO's authority to appropriate members of UMGC's Human Resources staff; and

        10. Execute appointment letters for Regular Status employees and contracts with Contingent Status employees.

      2. Any exceptions, modifications, or waivers of the UMGC HR policies must be reviewed and approved by the President or designee.

  4. Elements of the UMGC HR Program

    The UMGC HR Program, as embodied in UMGC HR policies, shall include, at a minimum, the following elements:

    1. Employment

      1. UMGC shall recruit, select, and retain a well-qualified, diverse, competent, innovative, and creative workforce committed to serve UMGC and the public.

      2. UMGC shall have written procedures to describe the process by which it recruits, selects, and appoints employees.

    2.  Benefits

      1. UMGC shall offer a comprehensive range of benefits to attract and retain high-quality employees and enhance employee morale and productivity.

      2. The range of benefits shall include:

        1. Those benefits required under State law for State employees, including employees of UMGC; and

        2. Other benefits authorized by the President, upon recommendation of the CHRO.

    3. Compensation

      1. Upon recommendation of the CHRO, the President may approve a UMGC Exempt Pay Program to be applicable to Exempt and Overseas Staff employees. The UMGC Nonexempt Pay Program approved by the USM BOR shall apply to UMGC Nonexempt Staff employees, as amended by UMGC HR Policies.

      2. UMGC's Pay Programs shall include consideration of the following:

        1. cost-of-living adjustments (COLA), if permitted by the Maryland General Assembly for State employees;

        2. merit increases;

        3. variable compensation, unless prohibited by law;

        4. salary structures and schedules for various job categories; and

        5. salary adjustments and other compensation-related items.

    4. Performance Review

      1. UMGC shall provide an equitable and valid performance review process that fosters employee development, excellent performance, and consistent personnel administration.

      2. Written performance reviews shall be administered at least annually.

    5. Employee Relations

      1. UMGC recognizes the dignity and rights of its employees as individuals and expects its employees to act with discretion, professionalism and integrity at all times.

      2. UMGC shall conduct its HR Program consistent with all relevant legal requirements, including federal and state anti-discrimination laws, Maryland law related to collective bargaining, and other federal and state laws as applicable to its employees.

      3. Employee grievances shall be resolved in an orderly and timely manner consistent with the UMGC HR Policies and/or MOU in an environment of impartiality and mutual respect.

        1. Employees and supervisors shall make every effort to resolve differences informally.

        2. Appropriate formal grievance procedures that conform to all legal requirements, and UMGC HR Policies and MOU shall be posted on UMGC's external or internal website.

    6. General Conduct and Working Conditions

      1. UMGC shall provide an environment that promotes the safety, health, and general well-being of its employees.

      2. Each employee will uphold appropriate standards of conduct, including adherence to all applicable UMGC policies and procedures.

Implementation Procedures

The UMGC President has designated the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) to administer this policy; to develop procedures as necessary to implement this policy; to communicate this policy to the UMGC community; and to post the policy and any applicable procedures on the UMGC website.

Replacement for:

  • USM BOR VII-1.00: Policy on the USM Human Resources Management Program