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Procedures P-VII-6.12-GC

Procedures for UMGC Policy on Alternative Work Schedules for Staff and Faculty Employees

  1. Request for an Alternative Work Schedule
    1. An employee requesting an AWS must complete an AWS Request Form.
    2. The completed AWS Request Form must be submitted to the employee's direct supervisor for review.
  2. Approval/Denial of Alternative Work Schedule
    1. The supervisor and employee must agree to the terms of the AWS before the employee may work a schedule that differs from the standard work schedule.
    2. The supervisor must approve or deny the employee's AWS Request Form within ten (10) Working Days of receipt.
    3. After the supervisor has approved or denied the request, the completed AWS Request Form will be submitted to the Office of Human Resources to be filed with the employee's personnel records.
  3. Compensatory Time in Lieu of University Holiday Observance for Nonexempt Employees

    A Nonexempt employees may request compensatory time in lieu of the observance of a University holiday on the next Working Day he/she is scheduled to work, as set forth in the applicable policy, by completing the Request for Compensatory Time Form and submitting it to his/her direct supervisor for approval. If the requested compensatory time is approved, the supervisor shall send a copy of the form to Payroll.

  4. Forms

    Alternative Work Schedule Request Form