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Policy VII-7.40-GC

UMGC Policy on Accident Time Off

(Approved by USM BOR on April 21, 2017; UMGC President on July 1, 2017)

  1. Purpose and Applicability

    This policy governs Accident Time Off for employees in compliance with the laws related to State workers compensation contained in the State Personnel and Pensions Article in the Annotated Code of Maryland. This policy applies to all University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) Nonexempt, Exempt and Overseas Staff employees on Regular Status, who experience a work-related injury that is compensable under the Maryland Workers' Compensation Act. Nonexempt Staff employees who are included in the representation of the collective bargaining unit are subject to the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and applicable UMGC HR Policies; when there is a conflict between the two, the MOU will prevail.

  2. Definitions

    1. Accidental Injury: A work-related personal injury that would be compensable according to the Maryland Workers' Compensation Act.

    2. Average Weekly Wage: The average of the employee's weekly wage for the 14 weeks immediately prior to the accident.

    3. Temporary Total Benefits: Monetary compensation for time lost from work due to work-related accidents or injuries for employees (a) not eligible for Accident Time Off or (b) when eligibility for Accident Time Off has expired. Temporary total benefits are paid by the State of Maryland's Workers Compensation insurer, not UMGC, and must be requested by the employee.

  3. General

    1. Only time off-eligible employees in Regular Status who work 50% FTE or more shall be eligible for Accident Time Off.

    2. Accident Time Off shall be provided if:

      1. The accident is determined to be compensable according to the Maryland Workers' Compensation Act; and

      2. A physician examines the employee and certifies that the employee is disabled because of the injury.

    3. An employee receiving work-related Accident Time Off shall continue to accrue time off and other benefits based on pay status and shall not be denied health care benefits with the subsidy allowed by the State solely because of the use of Accident Time Off.

  4. Accident Time Off Benefits

    1. Accident Time Off is Time Off paid at two-thirds (2/3) of the employee's regular salary, but is exempt from Federal and State taxes.

    2. Medical and Hospital Expenses

      Medical and hospital expenses shall be paid on behalf of an injured employee according to the Workers' Compensation Act, if the accident is determined to be compensable by the Workers Compensation Commission or the Workers Compensation Insurer.

  5. Administration

    The administration of Worker's Compensation is detailed in the applicable procedures, including the following:

    1. Employee's first report of injury;

    2. Supervisor's report;

    3. UMGC reports;

    4. Medical evaluation;

    5. Accident Time Off;

    6. Use of time off other than Accident Time Off;

    7. Period of Accident Time Off;

    8. Time off for continuing treatment;

    9. Additional six (6) months of time off while awaiting decision from Workers' Compensation Commission;

    10. Notice of determination of non-compensability;

    11. Reimbursement by employee to UMGC if injury is non-compensable;

    12. Temporary total benefits; and

    13. Subrogation.

  6. Notification

    The CHRO or designee shall notify the UMGC Payroll Office upon placement of an employee on Accident Time Off.

Implementation Procedures

The UMGC President has designated the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) to administer this policy; to develop procedures as necessary to implement this policy; to communicate this policy to the UMGC community; and to post the policy and any applicable procedures on the UMGC website.

Replacement for:

  • USM BOR VII-7.40: Policy on Accident Leave for Nonexempt and Exempt Staff Employees

  • UMGC OS 18.00: Policy on Accident Leave