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Policy 020.20


Originator: President

Subject: Governance

  1. Introduction
    1. In accordance with the University System of Maryland ("USM") Policy on Shared Governance in the University System Of Maryland (I.6.00), amended on August 25, 2000 by the Board of Regents, UMGC has developed a shared governance structure that allows elected representatives from students, faculty and staff to provide input into, and be informed about, issues affecting their specific constituencies. Each shared governance body within this structure acts in advisory capacity to the President and other University administrators.
    2. University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) is one of twelve degree-granting institutions within the USM. Governance is vested in the Board of Regents and by the Board delegated to the Chancellor of the USM and to the Presidents of the constituent institutions of the USM.
    3. The President of UMGC is the senior administrator of the University and is responsible for the overall implementation and continued management of UMGC's mission and vision.
    4. The Executive Committee, composed of the Senior Vice Presidents who oversee the functional and administrative divisions of the University, is the senior leadership body that develops the strategic direction for the university, provides direct support and advice to the President, and provides input to and has impact on key decisions and issues of importance to UMGC.
  2. Definitions
    1. UMGC's internal stakeholder groups are students, faculty, and staff.
    2. "Students" are full-time and part-time students enrolled in face-to-face, hybrid and online programs and courses through any of UMGC's global locations.
    3. "Faculty" refers to UMGC's categories of faculty worldwide, as defined in UMGC Policy 181.00 - Faculty Appointment, Rank, and Promotion.
    4. "Staff" refers to full-time and part-time non-faculty employees of UMGC at UMGC's administrative and educational facilities worldwide.
  3. Shared Governance Structure
    1. Because of its unique structure and geographically dispersed population, UMGC strives to inform and directly engage students, faculty and staff worldwide in an ongoing conversation on the University's priorities and strategic directions.
    2. UMGC also provides separate governance bodies for each stakeholder group to provide feedback and input to UMGC's administration on issues affecting their constituencies. Each of the three stakeholder groups has an advisory body comprising representatives all duly elected by the stakeholders themselves. Each advisory body may also have one or more ex-officio members selected from the University's senior leadership. The charter and constitution of each group outline the representation, mission, and purpose of the council. It is the responsibility of each body to comply with its charter and constitution. With the approval of the President, advisory bodies may modify their charters and constitutions as needed.
    3. The advisory bodies are:
      1. Student Advisory Council: The Student Advisory Council serves as an information network for its constituents. The Student Advisory Council meets periodically with the University's senior academic officers to address issues of concern to UMGC students.
      2. Academic Advisory Board: The Academic Advisory Board serves as an advisory body committed to providing advice that is representative of the view of faculty constituencies across the university for the purpose of improving the academic experience at UMGC. The Academic Advisory Board advises the Provost, Vice Provosts, and any others designated by the Provost on faculty and academic matters and UMGC's research agenda.
      3. Global Staff Advisory Council: The Global Staff Advisory Council serves as a worldwide communication link between the staff and the President on matters of concern to UMGC staff. The Council meets periodically with the Vice President for Human Resources to advise on issues of concern to UMGC employees.
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