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Policy 380.10

University Travel

Originator: Chief Operating Officer

Subject: Policy on University Travel

  1. Introduction

    The purpose of this policy is to provide parameters for UMGC faculty and staff travel on official UMGC business and the reimbursement of expenses incurred as a result of aforementioned travel. This Policy incorporates the University System of Maryland (USM) Travel Policy VIII-11.00 and includes a link to Policy Attachment 11.10, Schedule of Reimbursement Rates.

  2. Definitions
    1. Official Business Travel – Travel undertaken for work or business purposes.
    2. Traveler - A UMGC faculty or staff member who is traveling on official UMGC business. The President, or his/her designee, have the authority to designate non-UMGC faculty and staff as a Traveler within the meaning of this Policy.
    3. Day Travel - Travel not requiring an overnight stay.
    4. Overnight Travel - Travel that requires an overnight stay.
    5. International Travel
      1. UMGC Stateside: International Travel - Travel outside of the United States.
      2. UMGC Overseas Divisions - Travel to a location outside the geographical areas applicable to the Division.
  3. Policy

    UMGC will pay for and/or reimburse Travelers traveling on authorized official business travel. Reimbursement for travel expenses must be submitted within 60 days after the expense was paid or incurred in order to comply with IRS Publication 463. The President, or his/her designee, can elect to make exceptions to the policies outlined on an as-needed basis.

  4. Approval Procedures

    An employee must create a Spend Authorization in Workday to obtain pre-approval to include the purpose of the travel and the estimated cost. Non-UMGC employees must complete the Non-Employee Spend (Travel) Authorization form available on the Source Travel Resource Page.

    1. Day Travel: Travelers do not need to obtain pre-approval, but they should communicate in advance with their supervisor of planned travel.
    2. Overnight Travel
      1. Travelers must obtain pre-approval from their supervisor, cost center manager and appropriate Vice President or above when applicable prior to initiating Overnight Travel arrangements. Travelers who fail to obtain prior authorization may be responsible for the expenses incurred. Overnight Travel by the President is approved by the Chief Financial Officer.
      2. Travelers must provide the business justification for any lodging reservations needed for travel within their home state (including Washington, D.C. metropolitan area). Overseas employees must provide the business justification for any lodging reservations needed for travel within a reasonable day-drive from their primary work location.
      3. Travelers who choose to utilize accrued time off in conjunction with authorized business travel dates are responsible for any cost related to the extended stay. Any accrued time off must be taken immediately prior to or after the business segment of the trip. Clear documentation estimating the cost difference of adding accrued time off must be attached to the spend authorization. Managers are responsible for verifying correct charges to UMGC when the trip is expensed.
    3. International Travel
      1. In addition to the Overnight Travel approvals, travelers must obtain approval from their respective executive committee member for all international travel requests.
      2. UMGC International Travelers must contact the overseas Human Resources or Logistics offices for travel arrangements.
  5. Reservations and Ticketing

    General Information: Travelers and travel arrangers should ensure that all arrangements are reasonable and appropriate. All Travelers are expected to make advance bookings, using the least expensive logical fare via the most direct route (or other reasonable routing that results in a lower fare). All air and rail tickets must be purchased through the contract travel service vendors identified by UMGC. Overseas air and rail tickets must be purchased through the division Human Resources or Logistics offices. On occasion, Overseas employees may purchase air and rail tickets upon official quote from the Human Resources or Logistics office. UMGC funds may only be utilized for airline or train travel via coach fare except for flights longer than six hours in duration. Airline class may be upgraded from coach to economy plus (or equivalent) for travel flight legs that are more than six hours in duration. Travelers who choose to travel in a class that is more expensive than coach will be responsible for the portion of the fare that exceeds the cost of the coach ticket.

    1. Travel Changes

      If travel plans change, UMGC will pay the change or cancellation fees ONLY when the change was made if requested by UMGC or necessary due to emergency circumstances. The Traveler (or unit) shall contact the applicable travel agency/coordinator or Overseas Human Resources or Logistics offices in the event of an emergency situation.

    2. UMGC funds may not be used for the purchase of flight insurance.
  6. Reimbursement
    1. Reimbursement Policy
      1. All employee reimbursement requests must be submitted on an Expense Report through Workday and approved by their manager and cost center manager.
      2. All reimbursements must be documented with itemized receipts unless noted otherwise.
      3. Non-employee reimbursements may be submitted through the Non-Employee Expense Statement form and approved by the cost center manager.
    2. Lodging
      1. The cost of lodging accommodations shall be reimbursed on the basis of receipts at the single room rate. Employee is responsible for expenses above the single room rate.
      2. Travelers are required to obtain reasonably priced lodging accommodations.
    3. Extended Travel

      From time to time, UMGC Stateside or Overseas staff and faculty may have extended assignments at a UMGC Overseas location. The University may lease a house or apartment at an overseas location for use of the UMGC faculty or staff assigned to that location.

    4. Meal Reimbursement
      1. UMGC Stateside
        1. For Stateside Travel, the per diem rates may be found on the UMGC Travel Website.
        2. A partial day's travel is eligible for the appropriate meal per diem when travel time encompasses a period of two hours before and two hours after the meal time.
        3. Travelers cannot claim the per diem reimbursement for meals that are included under other arrangements during travel such as meals in flight, meals included in the conference registration fee, meals purchased for the Traveler by others, etc. An exception may be made if the employee is unable to consume the furnished meal(s) because of medical requirements or religious beliefs; or the employee was unable to take part in a furnished meal due to the conduct of official business. Additional documentation may be required if a meal exception is being requested.
        4. Travelers will be reimbursed only at the per diem rates unless the traveler is conducting necessary UMGC business with non-UMGC employees while on travel; receipts are not required for reimbursement at per diem rates. The traveler must submit an itemized receipt, a list of guests and their affiliations, and the business purpose of the meeting for reimbursement of business meals while on travel. Refer to Official Meal Expense Policy 390.20 for official business meals related to work meetings or functions while not on travel.
        5. International travel for Stateside Travelers is reimbursed at the Off Base rate established when staying off-base.
        6. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited from reimbursement.
      2. UMGC Overseas Divisions
        1. Travelers will be reimbursed at the per diem rates established by the overseas divisions.
        2. Pre-approval by the President, or his/her designee, is required for the purchase of alcoholic beverages for a special, designated event.
    5. Vehicles
      1. Use of State-Owned Vehicles
        1. State-owned vehicles may be driven only by University authorized personnel.
        2. Any person driving a state-owned vehicle must have a valid driver's license, comply with all traffic laws, military contract compliance, and obtain approval as required by this Policy.
      2. Personal Vehicles: Properly insured personal vehicles may be used for travel on UMGC business. The use of a personal vehicle will be reimbursed for business mileage at the rate established in the USM Policy that is available on the USM Web site.
        1. Business mileage is the travel incurred beyond normal commute mileage for onsite and hybrid workers, from home to a UMGC work location and home again on a normal workday. No mileage will be reimbursed for travel between locations in the College Park vicinity such as UMGC facilities located in Adelphi, USM and/or UMD-College Park.
        2. An employee designated as fully remote living outside of a most direct 50-mile commuting range to a UMGC work location will be reimbursed for mileage to and from their remote work location when required to travel to another work location. Those remote employees living within a 50-mile commuting range from a UMGC work location will receive no reimbursement for travel to that UMGC work location.
        3. Car rentals: Where a car rental is deemed necessary, an approval by a Senior Vice President or higher is required. The Traveler is expected to lease the least expensive car which will accommodate the trip's requirements. Travelers should take advantage of University System, Federal and State Government, and institution vendor discount rates. A Traveler shall not obtain Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) car rental insurance coverage for travel within the United States. UMGC Overseas Travelers who rent a car outside the United States must obtain approval by the SVP of Global Military Operations and are to check with the Overseas Human Resources or Logistics offices regarding car insurance.
        4. The Traveler will be reimbursed for gas purchased at a gas station with receipts.
      3. Train/Subway/Light Rail/Bus/Airline: When a Traveler is traveling via these methods, the Traveler is to provide actual receipts in order to be reimbursed.
      4. In the event of an accident while on University business, the Traveler must notify his/her supervisor and the Travel Coordinator or Overseas Human Resources or Logistics office as soon as it is feasible.
    6. Miscellaneous Travel Expenses

      Reimbursement of miscellaneous expenses will be made based upon actual cost with receipt for reasonable and necessary items as noted below:

      1. Reasonable expenses for ground transportation to and from airports, railroad stations, hotels, and meeting places. Ground transportation for per diem meals will not be reimbursed.
      2. Parking fees: Travelers to airports should take advantage of long-term parking lots, whenever available.
      3. Bridge, highway, or related tolls
      4. Laundry service is permissible when the travel is in excess of 5 working days
      5. Internet connection, fax service or other office services/supplies if needed to conduct UMGC business
      6. Airline baggage charges
      7. Gratuities: Baggage handling gratuity of $1.00 per bag and housekeeping gratuities of $1.00 per day or up to $10.00 per hotel stay will be reimbursed per trip without receipt. Overseas currency conversions at the time of travel will apply.
  7. Travel with Non-University Employees
    When non-University employees (such as spouses, children, etc.) travel with UMGC Travelers but are not serving as agents of the institution, Travelers should be careful to maintain a record of individual expenses. Likewise, airfare or any other travel expense that is directly billed to the institution should not include expenses for non-University employees.
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