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Policy VIII-1.01 

Use of UMGC Facilities

Policy CategoryPolicy No. & TitlePolicy OwnerVersion No.Effective DateReview CycleLast Reviewed
VIII Fiscal and Business Affairs*VIII-1.01 Use of UMGC FacilitiesVP & CFO
AVP, Facilities
v.3March 15, 2022Every 5 yearsJuly 1, 2003
  1. Purpose

    The statewide mission of University of Maryland Global Campus ("UMGC") is to extend access to post-secondary educational opportunities for individuals who combine work with study, with a special emphasis on Maryland's professional workforce education needs. In carrying out this mission, it is often desirable for UMGC to charge fees for providing goods and services that enhance, promote, or support UMGC instructional, research, public service, and other educational and support functions to meet the needs of the students, faculty, staff, and members of the public participating in institutional events. For the purposes of this Policy, "UMGC Facilities" include College Park Marriott and Conference Center also known as "Conference Hotel", Student & Faculty Service Center ("SFSC"), the Center for Adult Education ("CAE"), PG Metro Center, and all other UMGC regional centers.

  2. Policy Statements
    1. Use of Facilities — General
      1. The Associate Vice President, Facilities has the authority to deny the proposed use of UMGC Facilities at any time, or to impose, at any time, limits on the scope, conduct or audience size of any event in order to carry out the provisions of this Policy, and to require, as a condition of use, the payment of a fee for the use of UMGC Facilities and the services of additional personnel or security personnel, at an agreed upon cost to the requesting organization or individual. Exceptions to this Policy will be granted only with the written consent of the Associate Vice President, Facilities.
      2. Individuals and groups are responsible for any negligent or intentional damage to UMGC Facilities.
      3. UMGC Facilities authorized for use by an organization may not be transferred, assigned, or loaned to another organization without prior written approval by the Associate Vice President, Facilities.
      4. Service of food or beverages in UMGC Facilities is subject to approval by the Associate Vice President, Facilities and must comply with regulations concerning the service of food and beverages in public areas of UMGC Facilities. Food and beverages are permitted only in those areas where food service is provided. No outside catering or food service may be brought into UMGC Facilities, unless authorized by the Associate Vice President, Facilities.
      5. No interior or exterior UMGC Facilities shall be painted or otherwise defaced.
      6. UMGC reserves the right to change meeting and food service space assignments to accommodate changes in program requirements and to make the most efficient use of UMGC Facilities.
      7. Equipment or furniture for UMGC Facilities shall not be damaged and shall not be removed from the building without prior written authorization from the Associate Vice President, Facilities.
      8. Open flame devices or flammable materials of any nature shall not be brought into UMGC Facilities except by special permission.
      9. Animals are not permitted in UMGC Facilities, except trained work animals (such as seeing eye dogs).
      10. Responsibility for loss, damage, or breakage of personal belongings at a UMGC Facility remains with the owner.
      11. Office and master keys are the property of UMGC and are not to be loaned to unauthorized persons. If the key is lost or mislaid, it should be reported at once to the supervisor.
    2. Conference Rooms and Meeting Areas in UMGC Facilities
      1. Reservations for conference rooms and meeting areas for which UMGC does not ordinarily charge a reservation fee:
        1. Reservations with the appropriate UMGC office shall be required.
        2. Only UMGC employees may reserve a conference room or meeting area.
        3. Use of the conference rooms or meeting areas shall be for USM or UMGC purposes.
      2. Reservations for conference rooms and meeting areas for which UMGC does ordinarily charge a reservation fee:
        1. UMGC will not charge UMGC departments a room reservation fee for a conference room or meeting area if:
          1. reservations are made for no longer than one day;
          2. such events are scheduled no more than two (2) weeks in advance.
        2. UMGC will assess the UMGC department a service charge for set up, if needed. Set up includes, but may not be limited to, providing tables and chairs not already in the conference room or meeting space.
        3. The size of the conference room or meeting space assigned will be determined in each case as dictated by the needs of the group as well as the availability of the room and the labor force required to service it.
        4. A UMGC department-sponsored group is one that operates under a UMGC FAS account number.
        5. On a case-by-case basis, the Associate Vice President, Facilities, or their designee may authorize the use of the College Park Marriott and Conference Center facilities at no charge to departments of other University System of Maryland institutions and the University System of Maryland Offices.
    3. Exhibits and Displays
      1. All UMGC-related organizations (or persons) and non-UMGC organizations or personnel must obtain approval from the Associate Vice President, Facilities, or his designee before establishing any exhibit or display in UMGC Facilities.
      2. Banners will only be permitted for groups having meetings or other functions at a UMGC Facility. Banners must be displayed in designated areas where UMGC has set up stanchion locations. For information about these locations and to request approval to hang a banner, contact the Associate Vice President, Facilities.
      3. There are several non-encased bulletin boards throughout the UMGC Facilities where UMGC employees may post items of interest. UMGC reserves the right to remove postings from these non-encased bulletin boards, which may be deemed offensive, discriminatory, or otherwise inappropriate. Encased bulletin boards are for the sole use of the respective UMGC department.
    4. Parking Facilities
      1. UMGC maintains Parking Facilities for employees, visitors, and guests to the College Park Marriott and Conference Center, SFSC, and CAE. Vehicles may not be stored at UMGC Parking Facilities and will be considered abandoned if not moved for a period of 120 hours.
      2. UMGC specifically disclaims any liability or responsibility for damage or loss to a vehicle or its contents caused by fire, theft, collision, vandalism, or other causes.
      3. Solicitation is not permitted in UMGC Parking Facilities.

    For additional information about UMGC Parking Facilities, contact Current employees may refer to the Facilities Management Engage page under “Parking”.

*formerly UMGC Policy 631.00