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Policy 375.00

Delegations in Workday

Originator: Chief Operating Officer

Subject: Policy on Delegations in Workday

  1. Applicability

    Workday, UMGC's solution for human resources and financial management, allows users to delegate tasks to others.


    This policy explains which Workday business process items, such as "tasks" and other inbox items may be delegated and to whom. It is not the intent of this policy to change approval levels or requirements defined in other UMGC Policies, such as Policy 366, Third Party Agreements and Policy 367, UMGC Policy on Signature Authority.

  2. Policy

    1. An approved user ("employee") may delegate certain Workday business process items to another employee as permitted in this policy.
    2. The employee's manager, or a higher-level supervisor in their organizational hierarchy, must review and approve delegation requests.
    3. A Security Administrator may create, review, cancel or modify a delegation as necessary to comply with policy.
    4. An employee may delegate the "creation of tasks" to an employee at any level within the organization.
    5. The approval of "inbox items," such as leave approval, expense reports, and spend authorizations, may only be delegated as follows:

      1. The delegation must be made on a temporary basis and have an end date.
      2. The delegate, and the alternate delegate, must be in a position equal to or higher than the delegator. The President and Executive Committee may delegate tasks to each other.
      3. A Cabinet Member may delegate the approval of spend authorizations or expense reports to a direct report at the Associate Vice President level or higher while on approved leave.