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Policy VIII-1.02

Building Aesthetics

Policy CategoryPolicy No. & TitlePolicy OwnerVersion No.Effective DateReview CycleLast Reviewed
VIII Fiscal and Business Affairs*VIII-1.02 Building AestheticsVP & CFO
AVP, Facilities
v.3March 15, 2022Every 5 yearsJuly 1, 2003
  1. Purpose

    The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all University of Maryland Global Campus (“UMGC”) Facilities have a uniform standard of aesthetics for all areas throughout each complex. Our desire is to maintain attractive facilities for students, faculty, staff, and guests.

  2. Policy Statements
    1. Public Spaces

      The only items that may be placed in public spaces are building signage and artwork. The placement of signage in public hallways, lobby, and other public spaces is the responsibility of the Associate Vice President, Facilities. The placement of artwork in public spaces is the responsibility of the Arts Director. All materials will be hung in conjunction with the facilities management department.

    2. Common Areas

      Common areas consist of student, faculty, and staff lounges, conference rooms, office reception areas, and other semi-public space. These areas generally have bulletin boards or pin boards. Requests to hang items in these areas should be submitted, by the unit supervisor, to for approval by the Associate Vice President, Facilities All information displayed on these boards must contain only official UMGC information. Upon approval, requests to hang the boards will be done by the facilities management staff.

    3. Office Space

      All items hung or placed in offices shall be in good taste and appropriate to a professional office environment. To keep walls and modular units in good condition, tape, toggle bolts, and anchor fasteners are not to be used. The number of items on available "wall" space should be limited so as not to give a cluttered appearance and all items should be framed and displayed in a professional manner. It is expected that individuals will install their own framed items. Requests for fasteners for the modular units can be made with the facilities management office. UMGC provides bookcases where necessary; therefore, no shelves are to be installed.

    Items not covered in this Policy or requiring clarification should be referred to the Associate Vice President, Facilities for approval before items are hung.

*formerly UMGC Policy 639.00