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Policy 205.07

The Grade of N

Owner: Senior Vice President and Chief Academic Officer

  1. The grade of N ("non-completion of an institutional educational requirement") is a temporary administrative grade given only when a student has not complied with a specific and known institutional requirement connected to the course. If the student completes the institutional requirement by the end of the term following the one in which the requirement was due, the grade of N will be changed to the academic grade which the student has earned for the course and the student's GPA will be recalculated. Otherwise, the grade of N will be converted to the grade of F. The grade of N is not computed into the GPA, does not carry quality points and does not carry credit. Once an N grade is converted to an F, the student's GPA will be recalculated to include the F grade.

  2. This Policy is in effect for the Fall 2006 term only.

Original Policy Approval Date10/26/06
Substantive Revision Dates3/29/11
Technical Amendment Dates4/17/20