Email Change: How do I configure Outlook? (Mac)

UMGC E-mail Change Information - April 2020

If you previously accessed your former UMUC e-mail account using the Microsoft Outlook application on your computer or on a mobile device, you do not need to reconfigure your account for your new, or e-mail address. Outlook and other e-mail apps will eventually prompt you to log in with your new e-mail address and password. 

Use the following instructions to configure your new UMGC email account on a Mac computer:

1. Open Outlook and in the top menu bar, go to Outlook > Preferences.
2. Under the Personal Settings heading, select Accounts. The Accounts window will appear.
User-added image

3. Add your UMGC e-mail account by clicking the + dropdown button and select New Account... 
User-added image

4. Outlook’s sign-in panel will appear as shown below. Enter your UMGC email address and click Connect
User-added image

5. Enter your password and select Sign in
User-added image

6. Your UMGC e-mail account will appear in the Accounts window and your mail and calendar will begin to load.