Credit Evaluation: How do I get my transfer credits evaluated?

Undergraduate Transfer Credit Evaluation

All University of Maryland Global Campus, bachelor’s degrees require at least 120 credits. If you have completed courses from a four-year college or a community college, some of those credits could be counted toward your undergraduate degree at University of Maryland Global Campus.
You may transfer up to 90 semester hours of credit from approved four-year colleges or universities and up to 70 semester hours from approved two-year community colleges.
You can also earn credit towards your degree from college-level learning you gained through work, military experience, training, or graduate or international study.

All students must complete at least 30 semester hours with University of Maryland Global Campus.

Official transfer credit reviews can be completed, but only for students who have already applied for admission to University of Maryland Global Campus. The official review will be completed upon receipt of all transcripts/documents. Unofficial reviews, or tentative evaluations, can be completed for prospective students using unofficial transcripts. Please contact an Admissions Advisor to request this review.
Note: It takes approximately 10-15 calendar days to complete an official review, or Academic Advising Report (AAR). While you wait, you can contact an Admissions Advisor to ask about courses you can enroll in that will not conflict with any anticipated results of your transcript evaluations.

Graduate Transfer Credit Evaluation

Transferring graduate credits is a simple process at the University of Maryland Global Campus. In most cases, up to 6 graduate credits may be transferred toward a master's degree. If you're starting one of the following programs, you may transfer exactly 6 credits toward your program if you earned those credits at an approved institution and the course content is equivalent to the introductory course for your program:

  • Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Management and Policy
  • Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Technology
  • Master of Business Administration
  • MS in Cybersecurity Management and Policy
  • MS in Cybersecurity Technology
  • MS in Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigation
  • MS in Learning Design and Technology. 
In order to have graduate transfer credit reviewed, students must complete the form found at the following link:

Only students who have applied and been accepted to The Graduate School should complete this form.


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