Official Evaluation: How can I view my Academic Advisement Report (AAR)?

Academic advisors provide you with the information needed to plan an academic program. The purpose of the official evaluation/academic advisement report is to show your certificate or degree progress, and to help you select appropriate courses. Official evaluations are available to students who have been admitted and intend to complete a University of Maryland Global Campus certificate or degree.

To View Your Academic Advisement Report (AAR)

  1. Log in to MyUMGC and go to Degree Planning.
  2. Under Academic Advisement Report, click the link to view your AAR.
  3. From the AAR page, you can view your AAR overview, download a pdf of it, or see the full details by clicking the link to MyUMGC Legacy.

Academic Advising Report Inquires

Note: It takes approximately 10-15 calendar days to process an Academic Advising Report (AAR).