Financial Aid: I received financial aid in excess of my cost of attendance (COA). Will my aid be adjusted?

Each student is assigned a cost of attendance (COA) to include expenses associated with books, computer, housing, loan fees, personal expenses, transportation, and tuition. A student cannot receive aid in excess of their COA. If your financial aid award is adjusted, you will receive a new award notification.

If your financial aid disbursement exceeds your COA or need-based eligibility, one of the following scenarios will occur:

  1. If detected prior to disbursement of your financial aid award, your award will be canceled. You will then be re-awarded up to your cost of attendance.
  2. If detected after your financial aid award has disbursed to your account, the award will be canceled, creating an outstanding balance on your account. You will then be re-awarded the appropriate amount of aid, up to your cost of attendance.

Note: You will be responsible for returning that portion of your financial aid award amount that exceeded your actual cost of attendance.

If you have questions about the adjustments, you can submit a case to the Office of Financial Aid on the Help Center.

Click here for instructions on how to submit a case and/or submit documents to the Office of Financial Aid.