Financial Aid: How will withdrawing from a course affect my financial aid?

The University of Maryland University Global Campus is required to calculate a Return of Title IV funds on all federal financial aid recipients who stop participating in classes, withdraw from class, or drop their last class on or before they reach the 60% attendance point for the semester.

The University must complete this calculation and notification within 45 days of the date that the University determines that the student has withdrawn, dropped, or stopped participating in their courses. Students will be presented with the option to certify their intent to return when completing the official drop/withdraw process at MyUMGC. Students who certify their intent to return during the same semester will not require a calculation, unless they do not return as scheduled.

This calculation may result in the student owing a balance to the University. It is important to consult with your academic advisor and the financial aid office before you decide to drop or withdraw from a class.

How to drop a class at MyUMGC
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