Direct Stafford Loans: Monthly Payment Amount for a Federal Direct Stafford Loan

Topic: Monthly Payment amount for a Federal Direct Stafford Loan

Your monthly payment amount on a Direct Stafford Loan will vary depending on the repayment plan that you choose and how much you borrowed. You can obtain estimated monthly payment amounts for different debt levels or for other repayment plans by contacting your federal loan service provider.

Additional information pertaining to Federal Direct Stafford Loans can be found by selecting the following link: Stafford Loans

Important: As of October 1, 2013, the Direct Loan Servicing Center no longer services Federal Direct Loans. The US Department of Education (ED) has transferred the accounts of Federal Direct Loan borrowers to other federal loan service providers.

Borrowers can locate and contact their new federal loan service provider by selecting the following link: Federal Loan Servicing Centers