Prior Learning: EXCL 301/x001, Course Challenge, and Program Fees


  1. Course Challenge (Normal tuition rates apply)
  2. Excel 301 (Normal tuition rates apply)
Note: Federal financial aid can be used toward tuition for the EXCL 301 course only. All other fees, including enrollment (application fee) and evaluation fees are not covered by financial aid.


  • Enrollment Fee (Nonrefundable) $30.00
  • Portfolio Evaluation (First Evaluation) $250.00
  • Each Additional Evaluation $125.00
  • Credit Award Fee (Per Credit) $90.00
  • Re-evaluation Fee (Special Cases) $125.00
  • EXCL x001 Fee - $75.00

For information regarding the EXCL 301 and EXCL x001 course, please view the Prior Learning webpage.

For information regarding the Course Challenge at the University of Maryland Global Campus, please view the Prior Learning Course Challenge webpage.