Military - Course Drop/Withdrawal: How do military students drop or withdraw from class(es)?

Course Drop Procedure for Army Students (GoArmyEd) 

If you used the GoArmyEd portal to register for classes and you received tuition assistance (TA), you must also use the GoArmyEd portal to withdraw from a course. Please remember that it will take 24 to 48 hours for actions performed in the GoArmyEd portal to display in MyUMGC.

Details regarding withdrawals (W), withdrawals for military reasons (WM), and step-by-step instructions for dropping or withdrawing from a course can be accessed from the GoArmyEd Assistance Center

Course Drop Procedure for All Other Military Branches

Non-Army students will need to drop or withdraw from courses via their Class Schedule in MyUMGC. Click the trash icon to initiate the drop.

Note: When dropping or withdrawing from a course, you will be asked to acknowledge that you are aware that these changes may affect your eligibility for tuition assistance, veteran benefits, and/or financial aid.