Financial Aid: What are the graduate student credit requirements for financial aid?

Graduate students applying for financial aid must be enrolled in the minimum number of credits for their academic program.

MBA and Executive MBA Programs:

  • Full-time - 6 credits per term
  • Half-time - 3 credits per term

Doctoral Programs:

  • Full-time - 6 credits per term
  • Half-time - 3 credits per term

All Other Graduate Programs:

  • Full-time - 9 credits per term
  • Half-time - 6 credits per term

AMBA 600 and COMM 600:

  • AMBA 600, considered a half time course, is a 3-credit prerequisite course to the MBA Program. Financial aid will disburse at 3 credits.
  • COMM 600 is no longer needed to receive financial aid for the Fall and Spring Semesters.