Student Account Charge Descriptions: Understanding an Invoice

The University of Maryland University College understands it may be difficult to understand an eBill Statement due to the descriptions used for identifying credits and debits. The following are a list of charge descriptions and their definitions to assist when reading and understanding a student's account.

  • Bad Check Fee - The fee charged when a check is returned as unpaid by the bank
  • Deferred to AMS - A non-cash credit that posts on an account upon enrollment in the monthly payment plan with AMS/Tuition Pay.  It is the amount of the contracted budget that the student promises to pay in installments after enrolling in the monthly payment plan
  • Federal Direct Loan Refund US - A refund of your Federal Direct Loan Subsidized/Unsubsidized on your student account.  Refunds by check take 10-14 business days to be mailed to your address of record by the State Treasurer’s Office.  Check refunds may be tracked at Comptroller of Maryland General Accounting Division. Click on General Accounting Division and One-Stop Vendor Payment Inquiry
  • Make Up Exam - This is the fee for requesting a make-up exam with the Testing Center
  • Student Transfer Fee In/Out - An internal credit/debit used for students in special situations