GoArmyEd: Contact a GoArmyEd Advisor for Assistance

Topic: Contact a GoArmyEd Advisor for Assistance

GoArmyEd is the virtual gateway for all eligible Active Duty Army, National Guard, and Army Reserve Soldiers, to request Tuition Assistance (TA).

Contacting GoArmyEd:

For assistance with GoArmyEd, please contact your Education Center or open a Helpdesk "Case" directly from your GoArmyEd homepage (see instructions below).

Instructions for Opening a Help Desk "Case" from your GoArmyEd homepage:

  1. Log-in to GoArmyEd.
  2. Click the Helpdesk button, located near the top-right portion of the homepage.
  3. Select Create Helpdesk Case at the right of the screen, under Helpdesk Contact Information.
  4. After completing all required sections, click Create Case - select Submit to continue or Cancel to abandon the case without saving it.
  5. A new page is displayed with the CRM case number - write down the CRM case number for reference so that you can track actions taken regarding your Case.
  6. Click the Return to Support Summary link to display the Soldier’s Student Record Support Summary tab - The "Case" is listed in the Current Cases Open section under the Help Desk Case Summary tab.