College Level Examination Program (CLEP): Register for CLEP Exam

The computer-based CLEP examinations are available at computer-based test (CBT) centers including the University of Maryland Global Campus National Test Centers (NTC). For anyone with their own base access, contact the following stateside UMGC locations for days and times of testing:

University of Maryland College Park offers CBT CLEP examinations. The test center is located in the Shoemaker Building and offers tests Monday through Saturday. Additional information is available by calling 301-314-7688. UMGC score recovery code number is 5804. You must enter this number on your exam material if you want your score sent directly to our office. Check with your employer concerning possible reimbursement for the test fee.

CLEP study guides are available at most book stores or order online through the College Board CLEP test preparation webpage,

CLEP General Examination Titles, Course Equivalents, and Scores

Note: CLEP information is subject to change without notice. All CLEP General Examinations are considered lower level.

Addendum #1: UMGC accepts either the essay or optional essay versions of CLEP, College Composition or College Composition Modular respectively, or the Excelsior (formerly PEP) Freshman English test. Students earning credit from any of these exams must also complete two three-semester hour courses in writing, for example, WRTG 101 and WRTG391, or WRTG393 to satisfy the General Education Requirement in Communications. No more than 3 semester hours of writing credit may be earned through credit-by-examination. Generally CLEP Composition exams may not be taken for credit by students who have completed a higher-numbered English writing course.

Addendum#2: Educational Testing Services requires a six month waiting period before retaking a test.

Addendum #3: Active duty military personnel may apply for and take CLEP exams without charge at the Education Office of their respective military installations if taking an exam for trhe first time. Military funding is no longer available for re-testing.