System Access: How Do I – Request Access for Current Employees (IT Liaisons)

IT Liaisons may request access to the following systems for current employees:

  • Salesforce
  • PeopleSoft – Financial Aid module
  • GoArmyEd
  • Edwards
  • Tableau
  • Trends
  • SCCU
  • Online Services (MIS & NTC)
The Submit a request for a current employee form in IT Works functions almost identically to the new hire form (System Access: How Do I – Request Access for New Employees)
, with a few key differences:
  • Since users may be submitting a request for a current employee who does not automatically require any changes to system access, the system access screen will not automatically come up. To bring up the menu, on the first screen of the form, you will need to check the Account Request box under System Access.
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  • Once selected, you will be taken to the account request screen – which looks almost identical to the new hire version, but has a few extra fields. Under Requestee Information, in addition to the Job Title and Direct Supervisor fields, you must also provide the E-mail Address and UserID
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  • Finally, you will also find that GoArmyEd is listed among the request options for current employees. Because this request may not be submitted until after the telephone number has been created, it cannot be submitted for new hires. If you need to request GoArmyEd access for a new hire, submit the new hire request – then, once the telephone information has been created, submit a current employee request for GoArmyEd. 
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