LEO: About the Survey Tool (Faculty)

Surveys are a great way to solicit feedback from students; you can use surveys to assess students’ learning styles and content delivery preferences.  While surveys cannot be tied to the Grades tool, you may use the Quiz tool if you wish to grade items.  

Use the Survey tool when:
  • You want to collect information efficiently.
  • You believe you already know some of the answers.
  • You want to determine frequency of answers.
  • You want to make unbiased work/group assignments.
  • You want to assess student progress/support needs.
  • You want to determine reactions to content.
There may be other good reasons to use the Survey tool, and if in doubt, check with your Program Chair. However, carefully consider when to integrate surveys into your teaching strategy, as overusing surveys can take up students’ time and detract from the learning experience.
Additional information about the Survey Tool:
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