LEO: Technical Requirements

See also: LEO: Mobile Device Technical Requirements

Browser Requirements

Your browser must allow cookies, Javascript, and pop-ups. (Instructions are provided below.) Check your settings at https://community.desire2learn.com/d2l/systemCheck  

  • Upcoming changes to our supported browser versions that will take effect in the July 20.20.07 release.   Below is information released by our teams on the matter which will be followed by a community post in the near future.


    With the July release we plan to update Brightspace System Check to validate against the following browser versions. Individuals using older versions of these browsers will receive an out-of-date browser warning as of the July update. 


    ·                  Chrome 82 (releases April 28 2020)  

    ·                  Safari 13 (released) 

    ·                  Firefox 76 (releases May 5 2020) 

    ·                  Chromium-based Edge 82 (releases April 28 2020) 

    *We do not plan to update legacy Edge browser checks until Microsoft is through their Windows updates that move non-enterprise users to the new Chromium-based Edge. Microsoft expects to complete these changes in Summer 2020.  



    We are also planning to remove Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release) from the supported browser section of our Platform Requirements document. Developing and testing for this version of Firefox is costly given that global usage of Firefox ESR is around 0.33%. To help clients with this transition: 

    ·        We will support Firefox 68 ESR until the end of September 2020 

    ·        We will support Firefox 78 ESR until January 2021 


    Finally, we will continue to use the latest browser versions for development and testing of Brightspace as stated in our Platform Requirements documentation, but we are moving to a more regular cadence for updating Brightspace System Check. Browser validation updates to System Check will occur twice per year in the January and July releases. 

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Browsers: How do I enable cookies?

Additional Requirements

The following services must meet the requirements: