LEO: How Do I - Create a Section in the Question Library

  1. From the Course Home page, click the My Tools drop down menu and select Self Assessments.
  2. Click on the Questions Library tab.
  3. Click New and select Section
  4. Enter the Section Name.
  5. Enter a Message (optional).
  6. Enter Private Comments (optional). These comments are for your personal use and view only.
  7. You can add an image by clicking Add a File.
  8. If applicable, select one or more of the following Display Options:
    • Shuffle order of questions in this section
    • Show section name
    • Insert a line break after section name
    • Display message and image. If selected, select one of the following:
      • Display section message and image once
      • Repeat section message and image before each question
  9. To add section feedback, click Expand section feedback
  10. Click Save.