LEO: How do I setup release conditions for discussion forums or topics? (Faculty)

Release Conditions enable you to specify requirements that students must satisfy before they can access a discussion forum or topic.

For example, you can require students to view a content topic or submit an assignment to a dropbox folder before accessing a discussion topic. Or, you might create a topic to provide extra help for students who fail a particular quiz.

  1. From the course home page, select DiscussionsNote: You may be required to select the My Tools drop-down menu to select Discussions
  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to a Forum or Topic and click Edit Forum or Edit TopicNote: You can also set release conditions when creating a new Forum or Topic.
  3. Click on the Restrictions tab. 
  4. In the Release Conditions section do one of the following:
    • Click Attach Existing, select the condition you want to add, and click Attach. This is used if you have already created a Release Condition elsewhere and want to attach it to the Forum or Topic.
    • Click Create and Attach, select a Condition Type, and then click Create. This is used if you want to add a Release Condition that does not already exist. 
  5. Select one of the following from the drop-down menu To access this item, users must satisfy:
    • All conditions must be met
    • Any condition must be met
  6. Select Save and CloseSave and Add Topic, or Save
Note: To release a Condition, click on the Remove icon (x) beside each condition you want to remove or click Remove All Conditions. If you want to re-apply the condition, select the Plus icon (+) beside the Condition you want to reinstate.