LEO: How do I access my submitted assignments?

  1. From your course homepage, click Activities and Assessments then select Assignments.
  2. A list of class assignments will appear with a column labeled Submissions. The Submissions column includes the number of files you have uploaded for that assignment. If no files have been uploaded for that assignment, a 0 appears. Click a number in the Submissions column to view your uploaded files for that assignment. 
  3. Click the file you wish to access.
  4. The file will begin to download to your computer. (Note: Downloaded files typically appear at the bottom of the browser window.)
  5. Click the downloaded file to open it. (Note: You may be required to open the document from the Downloads folder on your computer.)

Note: Once you submit an assignment, you will not be able to delete the file. If you wish to make a change to your submitted work, you can upload a new file and note in the Comments section that your instructor should review the most recent upload.