MyUMGC: Appointment Document Information

Adjunct faculty members and teaching assistants must review and accept an appointment document for each class they are teaching.

When the appointment document is available for review in the MyUMGC Staff Portal, and e-mail is sent to an instructor's University of Maryland Global Campus e-mail.

Instructors receive an e-mail notification for each appointment document (one for each class assignment). Please respond to each notice you receive.

Electronic Signature Process

UMGC uses an electronic signature process. This appointment document and this appointment will not come into effect unless this appointment document is accepted by you electronically, no later than two weeks prior to the start date of the Course.

Note: You DO NOT need to mail a copy of your accepted document to the University. Keep the printed document for your records. Once generated, the appointment document will be sent via e-mail to print and review.

Accepting or declining the document

After the appointment document is printed and reviewed, click Accept or Decline.

By accepting this document electronically, you acknowledge that you have reviewed and accepted the terms and conditions of the appointment document.

If you Accept, you will receive your pay as noted in your appointment document.

If you Decline, please indicate the reason and the Faculty Appointments department will be notified to review the appointment document.

If you have selected Accept or Decline in error, or have questions about the document contents or this process, please send an e-mail with your full name, EMPL ID, course information, and specific questions to

For more detailed information about how to Review/Accept/Decline your appointment document, see MyUMGC: How Do I Review, Accept, or Decline My Appointment Document?.