Nova: Issue - I Cannot Attach, Transfer, or Upload a File

I am unable to attach, transfer, or upload a file to my nova class account

When using an ftp client to transfer files, the ftp client must allow and be set to transfer as SFTP. Regular FTP connections are refused by Nova.

Another possible cause is you may have used up the available disk space for your account. Nova class accounts have a default quota of 25 - 50MB. If you reach your quota and attempt to transfer a file to the account, you will receive an error and may see your files with a file size of zero.


Step 1

To display the disk quota information, log into your Nova class account with an ssh client such as PortaPuTTy and type the following at the nova prompt:

Nova> quota -v

Step 2

In this example, you assigned the class account cm325x50 is using 49875 kilobytes (approx. 49.5 MB) of your 50MB quota. If you uses more than the value specified in the quota field, he/she will begin to receive warning messages, however you can temporarily exceed your quota up to the value listed in the limit field (5 additional MB in this example).

Step 3

If a user is near your account quota, you should delete files that are no longer needed to free up space.


Step 4

Quota increases are done on a case by case basis. If a user requests your quota be increased, ensure you have removed any files that are not needed and you do not have large image files that can be resized to save space. Requests for quota increases should include the justification for the increase and how much additional space you anticipates needing to accommodate your classwork. 

Quota increase requests should be escalated to the University of Maryland Global Campus Service Desk.