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About UMGC

Samuel Kohn

Samuel Kohn

UMGC Europe Undergraduate Representative


Samuel E. Kohn is originally from Chicago, Illinois. He joined the United States Army in 2006. He served two combat tours, one in Iraq (2008-2009) and one in Afghanistan (2011-2012). Samuel finished his obligations to the military in 2013 and decided to reside in Germany with his wife and children. He learned the language and began working in the German economy.

He has been working for a regional brewery for the past seven years. Samuel has been successful at his company; however, he feels his job is not his purpose in life. Therefore, he decided to further his education at the University of Maryland Global Campus. He is currently in the undergraduate program to receive an associate degree in Psychology and Bachelor's degree in English. Samuel wishes to become a successful published writer and professional speaker. He also aspires to become an English professor. So, entering a master’s degree program is more than likely in Samuel's future.