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Christopher  Palermo

Christopher Palermo

Director, Military Portals, Stateside Military Operations



Christopher Palermo is the director of Military Portals, Programs, and Partnerships. He and his team work with the various military portals to ensure a smooth business process and assist students in any way possible. They work extensively with colleagues in the overseas divisions. In addition, Palermo helps facilitate a number of military and Department of Defense civilian partnership programs.

Palermo started his career at UMGC as a graduate advisor in 2007. He finds that his service in the Marine Corps has provided him with invaluable insights into servicemembers’ perspectives on higher education, making his work to help members of the military community achieve their educational goals especially rewarding. Before joining UMGC, Palermo earned his degree in psychology and English literature from University of Maryland, College Park, and worked as a group counselor and in crisis intervention there.