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About UMGC

David Garcia

David Garcia

Ex-Officio Alumni Representative


David Garcia is active-duty Air Force currently serving in Okinawa, Japan. Originally, he is from Florida but grew up a “military brat” as his father was in the Air Force as well. Okinawa is where he calls home due to most of his main childhood years were spent growing up on the island and is where he enlisted from. In the Air Force, David works as the Flight Chief of Mental Health Services and has a passion for helping those in need. Throughout the military he has been stationed in Maryland, Korea twice, Germany, and had one deployment in between.


With growing up in Okinawa, and aspirations to retire here, David is pursuing his degree in East Asian Studies. Most of his time outside of work is spent exploring the world, scuba diving in the beautiful waters surrounding the island, and hanging out with his French Bulldog Stitch. Being a member of the Student Advisory Council allows him to be a voice for fellow students around the globe in pursuits of a better future through our educational experiences.