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Barbara Archer

Barbara Archer

Executive Committee Chair, Student Advisory Council; UMGC Stateside Undergraduate Representative; Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) Student Council Member


Barbara Archer, a native of Maryland, recently relocated to her hometown of Baltimore after having held the position of CEO of a marketing firm in Atlanta, Georgia, for eight years. Among her many other accomplishments, Barbara served on the board of a Maryland correctional facility as chaplain for five years and is a published author. Barbara's current role is director of a home healthcare agency in Baltimore.

A divorced mother, Barbara raised and put her two children through college while advancing in the workforce. Although she achieved much in the careers, positions, and challenges she eagerly took on and was proud of the achievements of her children as young working professionals, she realized there was still a dream she had left behind. Barbara always believed that once you find your true purpose in life, your career is no longer a job but a divine purpose. It was time to pursue her passion and dream of becoming an attorney. She is enrolled at UMGC to pursue an undergraduate degree with a major in legal studies and a minor in criminal justice.

Barbara believes that her true purpose and goal in life is to help those that have not had the means to be fairly represented and have been overlooked, outcast, and unrecognized in today's court system.