If you've recently graduated from University of Maryland Global Campus, congratulations are in order! And we have some more good news: You could be eligible for further credentials that will save time and money. You can turn a certificate into a degree, an associate's into a bachelor's, or a bachelor's into a master's. Check out these opportunities and level up for less.

Certificate to Degree

Credits from UMGC undergraduate certificates and graduate certificates align with degree requirements and can be applied directly toward a bachelor's or master's degree.

Associate's to Bachelor's

UMGC offers Associate of Arts degrees for non-Maryland residents and active-duty military servicemembers and their spouses, veterans, reservists, and members of the National Guard. Your associate's degree gets you halfway toward fulfilling bachelor's degree requirements.

The Reverse Transfer program still allows you to earn an associate's while studying at UMGC. The program is designed to allow you to transfer UMGC credits back to participating community colleges, so you can earn an associate's while you work toward your bachelor's.

Second Bachelor's Degree

Whether you're making a career change or supplementing your prior education and experience, if you've already received a bachelor's degree from UMGC or another school, you can broaden your education by earning a second bachelor's degree in as little as a year's time and 30 credits!

Fast-Track a Master's Degree with Vertical Pathways

Several programs at UMGC feature fast paths between undergraduate and graduate degrees that allow students to apply undergraduate credits toward master's degree requirements, saving time and money. These opportunities are outlined on our Vertical Pathways webpage.

Find the Right Program for You

With our Program Comparison Tool, you can evaluate as many as three degrees, specializations, and certificates side by side. Explore program descriptions, cost, transfer credit, program formats, course content, and more. Found your program? Use our Time and Tuition Estimator to get your estimated tuition, fees, and graduation date.