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A to Z Directory

Find department contact information at UMGC from A to Z.

In this comprehensive listing of University of Maryland Global Campus departments, you can find the information you need to get in touch with the right contact at the university.

Department Name Phone Number E-mail Address
Accessibility Services 800-888-8682, ext. 22287
ADA Compliance 301-985-7930
Admissions Services 800-888-8682
Arts Program 800-888-8682, ext. 17937
Career Services 800-888-8682, ext. 22720
Career Services Mentoring 800-888-8682, ext. 22720
Center for Security Studies
Commencement Services 800-888-8682, ext. 22225
Confidential Employee 800-888-8682, ext. 17910
Corporate Learning Solutions for Employers 855-257-5300
Corporate Learning Solutions for Students 855-257-5300
Customer Service 800-888-8682
Fair Practices Unit 800-888-8682, ext. 17955
Financial Aid 800-888-8682
First Term Experience and Tutoring Services
for Exceptions to the Withdrawal Policy 800-888-8682, ext. 2-2224
Foreign Languages 240-684-2830
Graduate Advising 800-888-8682
Graduate Education Programs 800-888-8682, ext. 22400  
Graduate Student Relations 240-684-2400
Graduation Services 800-888-8682, ext. 22299
Human Resources 301-985-7950
Library Services 240-684-2020
Maryland Public Information Act Designee 800-888-8682, ext. 7080
Mediation 800-888-8682, ext. 17940
Military Advising 877-275-8682
Military Portals Team 240-684-2574
National Test Center
Office of Diversity and Equity 800-888-8682, ext. 17940
Ombudsman's Office 800-888-8682, ext. 17910
Overseas Equal Opportunity Officer
Overseas Title IX Investigator +49 (0)631-53480368, ext. 42032
President's Office 301-985-7077
Prior Learning
Registrar 800-888-8682, ext. 2-2222
Registrar's Office 800-888-8682
Residency 800-888-8682, ext. 22107
Response Emergency Assessment Crisis Team 800-888-8682, ext. 2-2911
Security 240-684-2911
Stateside Military Operations
Student Account Collections 855-655-8682
Student Accounts 855-655-8682
Student Advising 800-888-8682
Student Advisory Council
Student Affairs 240-684-2899, ext. 22899
Student Records 800-888-8682, ext. 22244
Student Resolution and Judicial Affairs 800-888-8682, ext. 22224
Technical Support 888-360-8682  
The Effective Writing Center
the Office of the Registrar 800-888-8682, ext. 2-2222
the Office of the Registrar 800-888-8682, ext. 2-2222
Third-Party Billing 800-888-8682
Title IX Coordinator 800-888-8682, ext. 17930
Transfer Advising 800-888-8682
Tuition Planning 800-888-8682
UMGC Asia Equal Opportunity Officer
UMGC Asia Title IX Investigator +81 (0)425-52-2511, ext. 53680
UMGC Europe Equal Opportunity Officer
UMGC Europe Title IX Investigator +49 (0)631-53480368
Undergraduate Advising 800-888-8682
Veterans Advising 800-939-8682
Veterans Certification Office 800-888-8682, ext. 22280
Veterans Resource Center
VetSuccess on Campus    
Virtual Labs
Workplace Learning

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