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Pursue Your Next Success - Video

UMGC Staff
By UMGC Staff

As a teacher, Cory Underwood says his students mean everything to him. However, he felt like he was holding himself back and he wanted more. When he decided to go back to UMGC to pursue his master’s degree in Education, he wanted to set an example for his students. He wanted to show them that they could succeed. After earning his degree, he became the Vice Principal, and has been able to become an even greater leader and role model for his students. As he says, “Before UMGC, I was a superhero who did not know he had superpowers.” Now he knows what his superpowers are.

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Cory in office

Walking down hallway

Cory on Camera

Lower third:
Cory Underwood
Master of Education


I thought I was just going to do what everybody else did, the nine to five, sitting in my cubicle.

I had to make a decision.

Do I want to pursue something more, and actually have a greater vision for myself.


Cory in office

Cory on Camera

Walking down hallway

I think I was a pretty good teacher.

My students have always been everything to me.

And I needed them to see someone like them can make it.  And actually graduate and do things better.

Cory on Camera

Cory in office talking to person

That’s why I decided to go to UMGC.

The skills that UMGC taught me I wouldn’t learn anywhere else.  

Cory walking into building

Cory giving janitor high-five

Cory on Camera  

Cory sits down at desk, hand on mouse

You become a part of that family and it’s a family that honestly will support you for the rest of your life.

They're really excited about what they're doing and they're excited for their students. They want to see the great things that they're going to do and achieve.

In my role now as vice principal, I want my students to succeed.

Cory lingers at bottom of stairs

Cory on Camera

Cory ascends staircase

If you're unsure about pursuing and going into this, don't doubt yourself, you know, don't hesitate as they say, some of the best things on the other side of fear.

You're only going to benefit. The sky's the limit.

Cory on Camera

Hero shot looking at camera

Before UMGC, I was a superhero that didn’t know I had powers.
Now, I know what my superpowers are.

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