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Finding Success After the Military - Video

TJ served eight years in the military, and an additional four in the reserves, before deciding to pursue his bachelor’s degree. He credits his post-military success to UMGC. He appreciates that the university’s infrastructure caters to working adults, and credits UMGC's academic advisors for giving him the tools he needed to achieve his dreams. Since graduating from UMGC, TJ’s been promoted and has gained the confidence he needs to grow in his career.



TJ on camera

Lower Third:
BS, Info Systems Management
Winchester, VA

TJ and wife outdoors


UMGC has been absolutely instrumental in my success, post-military. They don't treat you like a number. They personalize everything Name's TJ. I'm a recent graduate with a Bachelor's of Science from the University of Maryland Global Campus.

More outdoors footage

I'm originally from Harrisonburg, Virginia...grew up on a farm.


Military footage

After doing about eight years active duty, an additional four reserves. I decided that I wanted to go after that lifelong dream.

TJ on camera

UMGC's whole system, their whole infrastructure, is geared towards catering to those individuals that have to balance multiple aspects of an adult life.

TJ working at laptop

The academic advisors, themselves, gave me all the tools that I needed to be able to succeed with flying colors, you know, in all of my undergraduate studies.

TJ on camera

TJ getting dressed at mirror

They will help you understand what right looks like for you. And that way, you can take that and apply it to whatever your internal goals or desires or wishes are. 

Putting on Jacket

Getting in vehicle

Since graduating, I’ve gotten promoted and I’m able to operate with confidence now. Because I now have the technical expertise and broader skill set with the tools that UMGC’s given me. I feel I can accomplish anything.

(applause as he walks across stage)

Grad walk footage and interview

With his wife

The bottom line is, if you-- if you put your trust in UMGC in the academic advisors, the leadership here, I don't think you can go wrong.
They have the ability to turn an all-online school into a fully immersive experience.


End Card

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