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Behind the Scenes of UMGC’s Latest Marketing Campaign - Video

Cathy Leaning
By Cathy Leaning

At University of Maryland Global Campus, one of my favorite roles on the marketing team is storyteller, because we have a great story to tell. UMGC's helpful admissions advisors, success coaches, faculty, and staff are passionate about inviting students to achieve their academic and career goals and are equally passionate about ensuring that the university provides everything they need to get there. This sentiment is reflected in our campaign, which conveys how UMGC values the experience adults bring into the classroom and how they can use that experience to succeed…again. Our students want to know how UMGC lives up to that claim, and it does, in many ways.

One of the most literal ways UMGC values experience is through robust credit for prior learning. At UMGC, students can transfer credits from a prior school or earn credit toward their degree or credential from work, military and life experience as well as for certifications and other prior learning. In fact, they can earn up to 90 credits toward a bachelor’s degree and up to 12 credits toward a master’s degree. It’s a compelling promise uniquely geared for adult students.

To tell this story, we returned to the same talented production partners that gave us the Succeed Again campaign last year. That campaign resonated with our students and was so well received that we trusted these partners with the opportunity to expand on it, and to make it even more real and believable. Watch this fun behind-the-scenes video featuring our Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President for Admissions Chuck Trierweiler and Video Director Johnny Andow to get a glimpse of how this UMGC promise was brought to life.

Image Still for Video: Behind the Scenes of Succeed Again 2.0
Behind the Scenes of Succeed Again 2.0

Now, want to see the final product? Take a look here:

Image Still for Video: UMGC: A School For Real Life
UMGC: A School For Real Life
Image Still for Video: At UMGC, You Can Get Credit for What You Know
At UMGC, You Can Get Credit for What You Know

Find Your Next Success at UMGC

UMGC recognizes that our students are successful—even before they attend their first class with us. They deserve credit for the time they have spent at their job, military service, volunteering, past school work, or other life experiences, and we want to help them apply that experience toward the academic program they plan to pursue.

Once you are enrolled as a current UMGC student, we will provide you with the resources and comprehensive support (including success coaches, tutoring, advising, help center, writing center, and more) that you need to achieve your learning goals.

When you are ready to start your next success, UMGC is the choice for you. Learn more at


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