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Author Biography

James A. Bryant, Ph.D

James A. Bryant, Ph.D

Program Director, Acquisition and Supply Chain Management


James Bryant, PhD, is a retired U.S. Air Force and Joint Services Officer who has received four awards of the meritorious service medal and award of the Air Force achievement and defense service medals for Desert Storm. He was also a state chief information officer and led 350 people in managing over $1 billion in procurements and contracts for services and products. Bryant worked as a chief engineer, scientist and fellow for Lockheed Martin and became certified by Lockheed Martin as the only information security systems integrator in the world.

He has taught graduate school in information technology, information security, acquisitions, and supply chain management for 33 years. His primary expertise is in student-centricity, believing students are the customer and need to be nurtured and developed for a successful career, both academically and professionally. Bryant offers recommendations to all his students to further their academic endeavors or in the workplace for their professional careers.